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ABASI, Avin (Iran)

CAMPBELL, Laurie, LIPF (Northern Ireland) [2]

ADAMS, Peter (Northern Ireland) [2]


AGHA ALI TARI, Negar (Iran)

CARTER, Paul, LRPS, BPE1* (England) [2]

AGHIGHI, Mahdi (Iran)

CARTER, Rachel, LRPS (England) [2]

AIROSA, Alexandrino Lei, PPSA (Macau) [3]

CATHIE, Brian, LRPS, CPAGB (Scotland) [2]

AL-MUSHAIFRI, Abdulla (Qatar) [2]

CEARNS, Alex, LAPS (Australia) [3]

ALAMANDA, Rajasekar (USA) [2]

CHADWICK, Philip, AFIAP, DPAGB, AWPF (Wales) [2]

ALDERSON, David, LRPS (England) [2]

CHAI, Jiajun (China)

AN, Qi (China)

CHAMBERLAIN, Clare (England) [2]

AU, Lap Fung (Hong Kong) [2]

CHAMBERLIN, John, FRPS, MFIAP (England) [2]

AUNG, Thet Win (Myanmar)

CHAPMAN, Stuart, LRPS (England)

AUSTIN, Joan, BPE1* (England) [3]

CHEANG, Sherman (Macau)

BACQUEY, Pierre, AFIAP (France) [2]

CHEN, Xiaoping (China)

BAGGETT, Anthony (Wales)

CHEN, Xiaoqing (China)

BALL, Nick, ARPS (England)

CHEN, Xinxin, MPSA (China) [2]

BAMFORD, Jack, DPAGB, AFIAP, APAGB (England) [2]

CHEN, Yinxian (China)

BARBER, Phil (England) [3]

CHERRY, Bryan, CPAGB, BPE2* (England) [2]

BARKER, Philip, ARPS, CPAGB, BPE2* (England) [3]

CHESTERMAN, Isobel (England) [2]

BARRIEN, Peter (Australia)

CHEUNG, Koon, MPSA, EFIAP, ARPS (Hong Kong) [3]

BARRIO, Luis Maria (Spain) [3]

CHIAM, Kaan Yuan (Malaysia) [4]

BASAK, Dr.Sanjib, GPU Cr1 (India) [3]

CHIANG, Ka Chon (Macau) [3]

BENSON, Kim (England)

CHITTOCK, Christine, CPAGB (England)

BENSON, Ruth (Australia)

CHU, Chen (Australia)

BERNDT, Alexander, ARPS, AFIAP (Scotland) [3]

CLARK, Brian (England) [3]

BERNKOPF DR, Alois, EFIAP/s, GPU Cr4 (Austria) [2]

CLARK, Brian, MPAGB (Scotland) [3]

BEWS, Mike, LRPS, AFIAP (England) [3]

CLARK, Peter (Scotland)

BHATTACHARYYA, Saurabh, EFIAP (India) [2]

CLARK, Reginald, LRPS, BPE2* (England) [2]

BIGGER, Mike, LRPS (England)

CLARKE, Ian (England)

BLACK, James, ARPS, EFIAP (Scotland) [2]

CLARKE, Paul, ARPS (England)

BLICK, Annie (England)

CLIFFORD, Stephen, CPAGB, BPE3* (England)

BOEHLE, Rob, EFIAP (Netherlands)

COLLER, Karen (England)

BOERS, Cor, EFIAP (Netherlands) [2]

COLLINS, Brian, ARPS (England)

BOYLE, Judy, EFIAP/s, FRPS, FIPF (Northern Ireland) [4]

CONROY, Derville, LRPS, LIPF (Ireland) [2]

BRANNON, Pop (England) [2]

COOK, Stephanie (England) [2]

BRENNAN, Pat, LIPF, LRPS (Ireland)

COOPER, Martin, LRPS (England) [2]

BROWN, David, CPAGB (England)

COSTELLOE, Seamus (Ireland)

BROWN, Elizabeth, AFIAP, CPAGB, BPE3* (England) [2]

COTTERILL, Angie, CPAGB (England)

BROWN, Lorna, ARPS, CPAGB, AFIAP (England) [2]

COUCHMAN, Robin, BPE1* (England)

BRYANT, Grace, AAPS (Austria)


BUCKETT, Rosemary (England)

COWHIG, Ferg, DPAGB (England) [2]

BUCKLAND, Susan, DPAGB (England) [4]

COWSILL, David, CPAGB, BPE2* (England) [2]


COX, Sandie, ARPS, DPAGB (England)

BULPITT, John, FRPS (England)

COX, Torben (England)

BUSHE, Catherine, EFIAP/b, LIPF (Ireland)

CRAWFORD, Karen (Scotland) [2]

BUZOIANU, Diana (England)

CROOK, Jennifer, LRPS, CPAGB, BPE3* (England)

C R, Sathyanarayana, EFIAP (India)

CROOK, Sandra, EFIAP, DPAGB (England)

CALVERT, Carrie, AFIAP (England)

CSAKI, Lajos (Hungary) [3]

CAMERON, Edith (England)

CUPPENS, Jos, EPSA, AFIAP (Belgium) [2]


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